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【2.27】Experimental Physics Division (EPD) seminar
2019-02-19|文章来源: |【

  Title: The Mu2e experiment at Fermilab 

  Speaker: Dr. Yaqian Wang (Boston University) 

  Time: 10:00, Wednesday , 27th, February , 2019 

  Location: B326, main building 

  Indico: https://indico.ihep.ac.cn/event/9667/ 



  The Mu2e experiment will measure the charged-lepton flavor violating  conversion of a negative muon into an electron. Compared to previous measurement, Mu2e is expected to improve the precision by four orders of magnitude.  The experiment is sensitive to a wide range of new physics, complementing and extending other CLFV searches. we expect to start taking physics data in 2022 with 3 years of running. 


  About the speaker: 

  2017-2019: Postdoc at Boston University in U.S., Muon Physics, g - 2 and Mu2e experiment  

  2012-2016: Postdoc at Mainz University in Germany, ISR Physics & R value  

  2009-2012: PhD, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Charmonium Shandong University Participated in the joint training programme at IHEP 

  2007-2009: Master’s candidate, Shandong University, participated in Dayabay software development  

  2003-2007: Bachelor of Science, Shandong University, Tibet AS - γ experiment 



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